Sunday, August 13, 2017

#1 Woodcock Sr.

My father with parents Charles and Matte Woodcock shortly after his adoption in 1905.


Paul Gutheil said...

Very nice picture, goes along with the folks therein.

Chic Silber said...

Was that subtle colorizing

by your mother Buckles or

was it hand colored from

the processing lab

Chic Silber said...

Was that windmill to

power the well pump

Buckles said...

No Idea!

Roger Smith said...

BUCKLES: I remain astounded at your mother's skill with these photos.

Windmills generated power through out the farm. Not only the well pump, which when rigged right, also pumped power. The windmill lit up the barns as well as the farmhouse. Old landowners would say, "With that, the power companies can go on away. This gives me all the electric I need."

You can come to me with all your country boy questions.