Monday, July 10, 2017

#5 Mt. Olivet


Patricia said...

I really like the last line. Bobby had the best stories. Some of them were even true! A real trooper.

Patricia said...

Had another memory. D.R. Miller had passed away, I found myself alone at the funeral home late in the afternoon. It seemed no one was around. As I stood out front, up walks Bobby. "You ready to go in?" he asked. "I'm not sure; I guess so". I hesitated as I looked down the aisle and saw Mr. Miller in his final repose. Bobby kindly took my hand and we approached to pay our respects. "Now I know he's really gone" said Bobby. All I could say was "yes". I think I was shaking a little.
Then in true Bobby style, he smoothed the tense moment by saying "Yep. He's gone. Look; there's no tobacco spittle on his tie."
We smiled, and I was so glad Bobby was there.