Saturday, July 22, 2017

#3 Animal Acts

Gee Gee Powell.


Patricia said...

Gee Gee loved her Huskies, and spoke of them often.
How many years did she have this act, and which years? She probably told me, but I have forgotten.

Roger Smith said...

The first time I met Gee Gee and Billy Powell was in 1965, just after Mr. Beatty died. Her Alaskans were on Howard Suesz's Clyde Bros., and the act was a relatively new sensation, but I never knew when it originated. Everyone smiled at Gee Gee working the malamutes like a fighting cat act, cracking her whip, and having extra whips laying on the ring curb. She had flash in that act that was never duplicated. She wanted a whip like Beatty's, with the twisted willow whipstock, and I presented her with one of mine, plus 3 extra Barbour's Flax poppers.

Patricia said...

Thanks, Roger. That narrows it down, mid-60's. Maybe another reader will have more info too?