Sunday, July 02, 2017

#11 Digney Pix


Mr.Lee said...

Walter and Ruth patterson with daughters Dinky and Wendy.. They were double cannon balls for Zachini at one time..

Roger Smith said...

I also saw Walter catch the flying act, and perform a world-class comedy trampoline.

Chic Silber said...

Dinky (Laura) Patterson was 43

when she was killed in a freak

accident rehearsing for a half

time show for the 97 Superball

game in the Superdome in which

a put together troupe were to

jump from a perimeter catwalk

on braided shock cord (bungee)

Her sister Wendy & her husband

were part of the troupe that

included several last minute

Jabronis to handle the lines

I was contacted in the Newark

airport by the FBI on behalf

of the NFL attorneys to see

if I would change my travel

plans & fly to New Orleans to

assist in the investigation

They had arranged 1st class

travel & hotel accomodation

Stupidly I hadn't set a fee

somehow expecting them to be

generous but my mistake & I

didn't stay to see the game