Saturday, July 22, 2017

#1 Animal Acts


Roger Smith said...

My long-time friend and advocate, Chet Juszyk. Chet rose to become Chief Trainer at Jungleland, and worked an 18-year career, ended by a near-fatal attack by the lion, Brutus, on February 28, 1965. Chet survived, and continued as an animal dealer, bringing me 2 young male lions on the Castle show. He had a side-line dealing in rare animal books.

OFF-SUBJECT: Clyde Beatty died 52 years ago, on July 19, 1965. His funeral was held this day, July 22, at Church of the Hills, Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills. Veteran actor Pat O'Brien, his co-star in RING OF FEAR (Warner Bros., 1954) delivered the eulogy. Footage of the gathering for the funeral can be found online. Among those fleetingly seen are Louis Goebel, Emmett Kelly, and Mabel Stark.

Dennis said...

Rodger. Think you could post the url for this footage you mention? I have looked but no luck yet.

Roger Smith said...

The clip re-discovered today is: As many know, sites like Getty Images and Pinterest, post pages with select images of your subject, but dozens of images not relating at all, so don't be misled that all on that page should be there.

This is not the clip I've seen before, so be prepared to be disappointed. The one famous face seen is Pat O'Brien, entering with his wife. Mabel Stark is not seen in this footage, which runs 1:11. There are some 200 who came, but many are not identifiable.

Mr. Beatty is well-remembered also, at CLYDE BEATTY, FIND-A-GRAVE.