Thursday, June 15, 2017

#9 Showmen


4pawfan said...

Mike McCormick did a number of stories regarding the Turk.

Google- Mike McCormick Tribune Star oct 17 2010 Historical Perspective Jerry Mugivan was the King of the circus world

He also did a 4 or 5 part story about Mugivan back in 1999. I was glad to see that he was still remembered in the Walbash Valley area.


Roger Smith said...

For many years, I've had the original manuscript of Mugivan's bio as written by the late historian, Leonard V. Farley. Leonard was the long-time curator (1956-1968) of the Hertzberg Circus Collection, which now sits in crates in the basement of San Antonio's Witte Museum. Leonard left his work with me, advising that it would now fall to me to complete it. It's a thought, if ever I find a year or so to spare up in Peru.

Peru is a must for any circus historian. Dave Price and I went there in '95. It was there I met Clyde Beatty's daughter, Joyce Lee Ferguson. We enjoyed long hours at the old Winterquarters, visited the home of Mugivan, and paid respects at his grave, and that of Ben Wallace, Jess Adkins, and many great old-time names at rest in the two main cemeteries. Some readers may not have recalled that the time-honored songwriter Cole Porter is buried there also, in his family's plot.