Thursday, June 22, 2017

#17 RB Pix

1956 Benny White aboard "Harold" the last season under canvas.


Buckles said...

I was Drafted into the Army in 1957 the year after RB had folded under canvas and after my family had left with Jack Moore's circus I had some time on my hands and decided to see what the world contained beside myself.
Caught a Bus to Sarasota, been in circus all my life but had never been in Florida, Hugo Schmitt gave me a job and I got my first look at New York City and Madison Sq. Garden something like Goober Goes to The Big City.

Roger Smith said...

Benny White was top man for Rex Williams on their Beatty-Cole years.

Richard Reynolds said...

This is Baltimore in 1956. This photo was in the Baltimore Sun newspaper.

Note the lone giraffe wagon bringing up the rear. They went out with only one that year. The reason is that the female Ingrid started to give birth while the train was being loaded in 'Sota. So they unloaded her wagon and took her to the giraffe barn where the calf was born. Mother and calf remained in quarters for all of that short season.