Monday, June 12, 2017

#1 1978 Blue Show

I can't believe these pictures are 40 years old!
Over two months in the Garden.


Bob Swaney said...

Drove from Beale AFB (north of Sacramento) to Oakland with my kids to see this show. Indelible memories to this day of the Woodcock family and Elvin Bale. Regrettably, the souvenir program got ripped off during one of many subsequent moves.

Chic Silber said...

This remains my very favorite

presentation of "TGSOE" since

I learned to spell circus in

61 as a 1st of May on Beatty

I am so grateful to have been

very involved in production

Chic Silber said...

Kenny Dodd may have an

extra copy of that book

Bob so maybe write him

Chic Silber said...

Charly Baumann top left

Jewel New bottom left

Ben Williams & Anna May

Bob Swaney said...

Thanks, Chic. I have a mutual friend of Kenny's. I'll check

Eric said...

This was my all-time favorite edition with the elephant act the highlight. Bob, check on eBay for a program.

David Carlyon said...

This Spec was really spectacular but, as a clown, sitting on the sea horse going up and down made me feel like an ornament

That was very different in '77, when I felt like a performer because I was riding elephants in Spec and Menage. Simply being on Roma in Spec got me closer to the seats, so I could make connections with people in the audience, even in passing. And in Menage, I got off Lucy and could scoot over to the audience as long as I hustled back in time to remount. Realizing I could hook my toes under the buckles on the harness, I never had to hold on again, even when I flopped backwards when she went on her hind legs. Sometimes I even stood on her shoulders in the cross mount at the end of Menage.

I know many elephant workers weren't fond of clown riders, because clowns could distract from the wonderful elephants. I also know some clowns didn't respect the elephants and the act as much as I thought they should. I was shocked when I saw a clown yawn on his elephant during Menage.

But for me, riding was a key part of how I connected with the audience.

Chic Silber said...

I didn't look closely enough

Not Ben but Shannon & Anna May

on the tub of renown

JIG K said...

beautiful circus..myalltrip