Saturday, May 06, 2017

#4 Family Pix

Going overland, he said he would leave the lot at night aboard "Chub" and head for the next lot.
If it was a long distance he would stop, chain him to a tree, take a nap and continue on in the morning peering for the cities Water tower in the distance.
On some occasions he might take him into a farm yard and show him to the kids with hopes of getting s free breakfast.


Paul Gutheil said...

Free breakfast? Heck I would have given him Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack for the road.

Roger Smith said...

Benny Bennett told me of taking trainers out with Compound acts. On long jumps, with Pat Anthony, Chet Juszyk, or Dick McGraw as performers, they'd seek out a farm or ranch, pull in, and ask permission to clean out and feed the cats. They'd promise to rake up all that came out of the cages and sack it up to take with them. Most owners were thrilled, and their kids came running with their friends for an event that might come once in a lifetime. Pictures were taken with the old Brownie cameras, and indeed, often the circus guys were invited to a meal, or even a night's layover.