Thursday, May 11, 2017

#16 Kelly-Miller

I remember the day this picture was taken.
They posed the combined Kelly-Miller, Cole & Walters and Carson & Barnes (Jack Moore) elephants out behind the elephant barn in Hugo, that's "Anna May" at the extreme left.


Harry Kingston said...

Art Miller came in town and was booking for the big three, Beatty Cole, Sells Gray and King Bros.
I really enjoyed hearing his jack pots and it was great to hear what all went on back then.
He gave me a Sells Gray pass and I went to see the show and at the front gate the guy had never seen one and tried to take it and I said no you just look at it.
Many KM stories and his Km route books were the best.
I am sure he was the one that came up with in 1956, Last of the circus, see it now or miss it forever.
And I asked D. R. about that and he said we jammed them.
Sure glad I got to meet him.