Wednesday, May 24, 2017

#10 Mexico


Chic Silber said...

One might think that Lou

was featured in at least

half of the world's shows

Terrible shame he wasn't

credited or paid for use

of his renowned image

Paul Gutheil said...

Yes Chic it's a bloody sin!

Roger Smith said...

I was visiting RBB on a Texas date when Owen "Duffy" McQuade told Paul Jung of a soda pop ad on the lot with Paul's face. Duffy said, "They gave you a red mouth, but it's you." Paul replied, "Yes, and that's how they keep from paying royalties."

I have RBB programs from '47 to '57 and beyond, and in the '50s Lou was indeed named in some of the ads. Whether he was paid is anyone's guess, as it is when he and Paul were featured for years on the cereal boxes, and for Kool-Aid. Did they just get publicity for their names and makeups, or did they see a payday?