Sunday, May 07, 2017

#1 Europe

Surprisingly this Blog has a sizable viewership in Europe maybe someone there might comment on these pictures.


Paul Gutheil said...

Super Sunday Buckles, Thanx. I have Capt Schneider's book. Should read it again. As I recall he finished his huge act by having a cage railing inserted around him from 2 sides and he then threw hunks of raw meat into the midst of all those lions.

Patricia said...

It's difficult to do an exact head count, it appears there may be half what the advertisement says- but that is still a WHOLE LOT OF LIONS!

Roger Smith said...

One claim I read said Schneider did not have an act as we think of it. He mostly roamed about the cage, styling among his co-stars, and the mass feeding was the blow-off. This account further noted that although he never had the full 70 lions billed, what he did have was staggering.