Monday, April 17, 2017

#5 Kelly-Miller

"Margaret" is actually unloading.
Show never traveled at night, 5 O'Clock in the morning everyone was aroused by a man ringing a cow bell and after passing by the Cook House truck to pick up a cup of coffee the trucks would leave the lot in order picking up a sheet of paper with directions should they blow the arrows.


Patricia said...

Things had not changed in the '80's, but for the cowbell having been replaced by a blaring pickup horn which, by the way, I learned to ignore very quickly.

Billie Lou Henderson said...

That would have made it hard for the performers. Caught the show in the 80s in Northern Michigan. Minute we walked on the lot D.R. drove right up in a golf cart and gave us tickets to the show. I thought it was late, but they were still setting up. Don't remember talking to anyone else, but.... Now had some of the performers in some of the other photos posted today been there then we would have have had SOME jack-pots.