Sunday, April 16, 2017

#3 Mud Shows!

To the uninformed, the term "Mud Show" generally applied to any circus that didn't move by rail.


Harry Kingston said...

Mel Silverlake on his Fisher Bros Circus and they played my area of Texas and put on a great performance and very fan friendly as well.
I have many fond memories of this circus and all painted up and animals an a air calliope for music.
Mel always wanted to be a cowboy and collected many 16mm Roy rogers and Dene Autry film before tape came along.
To me is was a close as you could get to Gentry Bros dog and pony show but it was not on rails.
The whole Silverlake family (Timberlake)were in the performance.
Mel had a string of jackpots as well.
Thanks for the memories folks.