Tuesday, April 11, 2017

#3 Cat Acts

Andre Skerbecki.


Roger Smith said...

Andre called me in '75 to come take over the Seusz tigers and elephants. His girlfriend had been severely injured in a car wreck in Ft. Myers, and he had to leave. I arrived on June 20, in Kearney, Nebraska, and started the tiger act the next day. But I told Andre I was not an elephant man, and the elephants would know it and sap me into another Zip Code. He said no, they were good girls, and thank God they were. Mary, Sue, and little Margie let me be among several guys who looked better than we were. Thanks to my late friend Andre, I fell in love with elephants that season, but never had another herd to work. I love them still, and like many of us, miss every day of what we had then. Andre was a great man with animals, and a great man to have as a friend. May he Rest In Peace.