Friday, March 24, 2017

#6 Sparks

As youngsters both Rex Williams and Robert "Smokey" Jones first job with a circus (Dailey Bros.) was under the tutelage of Mr. Reed and over the years regaled me with many Louis E. Reed stories.
Smokey once remarked "I'm sure the "E" stood for "Elephant"!


Billie Lou Henderson said...

Rex Williams was older than me. If he was a youngster on the Dailey Show it wouldn't have been the railroad show. Dad, Lew Henderson, had known Ben Davenport from the early days of the medicine and rep shows. After Dad joined a circus in 1945 Ben was always after him to come over. The last time Dad turned him down was in 1947 when the Bailey Bros. show visited. I don't remember where. They did remain friends.