Wednesday, March 22, 2017

#13 RB 50's

.....the Prop Crew loved this trick, a half dozen would come scrambling into the ring bearing these two ramps, quickly affix them to the tub, "Kernaudi" would walk up one side, down the other in a matter of seconds then the ramps immediately removed.....impressive trick!
The Elephant Number had a "Flowers Theme" and when they were unloaded from the cars the blotched chalk made it look like they all had "Leprosy".


Eric said...

49 years later, a little explanation is needed to put the CARNABY STREET elephant number in proper prospective. For most of the 1960s, America’s pop culture was heavily influenced by British pop culture including British pop music (the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Donovan, etc.), British movies (“Alfie,” “Help,” “Georgie Girl” and the James Bond films,) British television (“The Avengers”, “Secret Agent,” “The Prisoner”), and British fashions (as epitomized by the clothing designs worn by the British model Twiggy.) The 1968 elephant number derives its title from an actual street in London’s Soho district noted for its large number of fashion boutiques. Accordingly, the wardrobe copied the fashion styles of late 1960s London. Hippie body painting was given a token nod by having the large flowers chalked onto to the elephants. This number was also used during the Blue Unit’s first tour in 1969.