Thursday, November 22, 2012

From Buckles

This snap shot was taken at the LA County Fair racetrack infield about 1966.
Parley and his crew had just finished taking Polack Bros. publicity photos for the following year.


Roger Smith said...

As everyone knows, Parley wore many hats, and wore them well. On one of his business cards I have, the title is Los Angeles County Fair, Pomona, California, and the representative line reads: PARLEY BAER - Publicity Director. This was natural for Parley. He did the same in his first showbusiness work for KSL Radio, in his native Salt Lake City. That segued into their publicity work, and led him to his first meetings with Mabel Stark, in 1936, when he landed publicity chores for Al. G. Barnes Circus. Mabel co-starred that season with Terrell Jacobs and Bert Nelson. Being the genuine man he was, Mabel, who could be difficult, trusted him as her closest friend until her death, 32 years later. It was she who introduced me to the Baer family when they visited her at Jungleland, in 1966. And yes, I'm aware that I'm recalling this on Thanksgiving Day.